Spring Detox Challenge
Jump start your health with everything you need to follow the 14 day Detox Program delivered to your door!
Yes, I understand the following disclaimer: Joining this program does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. Information shared is not intended as medical advice. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


Reduce bloating, boost energy and banish starvation cleanses forever.
This two-week plan leverages real food, key supplementation, and community support to keep you engaged and accountable until the very end. 

Everything you need

Daily meal plans, Delicious Recipes, Weekly Shopping lists, Automated Reminders, Integrate your health tracker!

Well World App Access

Easy-to-Use Mobile App For Android & iOS allows you to easily follow the Detox plan, Track your nutrition, exercise, mood, meditation and more! Text the Wild Side Wellness Team anytime to ensure all your questions are answered. 

Complete Detox Kit

14-Day Designs for Health VegeCleanse Plus Kit (your secret weapon!). Easy daily packets and Shipped Directly to You!


Delicious mango-nectarine flavour chews that feature highly bioavailable curcumin (from tumeric). The primary sweetener in Curcum-Evail® Chewables is allulose, a natural sweetener not shown to impact blood sugar levels.

For optimal results, supplements are recommended but not required. After you register and download the app you can purchase through the app.

​Inability to Lose Weight
Muscle Aches & Pains 
​Premature Aging
​Chronic Inflammation  
​Acne or Skin Irritation 
Depression & Mood Swings
​Hormonal Fluctuations 
You don't feel well but have been told your labs are "normal"
  • These may be signs that your body is over-burdened with harmful toxins and needs a reset!
Why is this Program Different?
Most cleanses or detox diets essentially starve your body of the essential nutrients and calories it needs, eliminating nearly all food groups and relegating you to handfuls of supplements, oddball drinks, laxative teas or even enemas. But no matter who you are, after a few days of severe calorie restriction, your energy will tank and fatigue will set in. 

This unique program instead ensures your body gets the essential nutrients and whole foods it needs so you can feel your best.  To ensure your detoxification organs function at their best,  a number of foods, herbs and spices have been shown to assist your liver and kidneys in doing their jobs. This two-week meal plan is a replete with protein, vitamins, minerals,  herbs, and purifying recipes will make you feel lighter, healthier and more energetic than ever.
Top Reasons to do the 14-day
VegeCleanse Detox?
1. To Feel More Energy
2. To Support Liver & Metabolism
3. To Lose Weight 

It's never been easier to get healthy!

  • Sign up for the VegeCleanse Challenge
  • Download the Well World App with your plan
  • Order Your Detox Kit from the App
  • Start your plan and track your progress!

Everything is delivered right to your doorstep!


Breanne Kallonen

Breanne Kallonen is the owner of Wild Side Wellness and is the creator of the Metabolic Reset Program. 

Breanne Kallonen has obtained her Honours Degree in Biomedical Sciences & Doctor of Naturopathy Degree.  She is the best selling author of the book "Wild & Free" and is an international speaker.

Breanne's practice focuses primarily is on helping women balance their hormones, improve gut health, boost energy, reduce weight, and get to the root cause of their symptoms. 

Breanne mission is to educate and inspire individuals so they can go from "surviving" to "thriving"!

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